No One Wants a Complicated F*ckBoy

Oh the many joys of online dating. When people don’t actually put what they want.

Plenty of Fish has all the options for what you are looking for:

  1. Hangout
  2. Long-Term
  3. Dating
  4. Friends

And if that isn’t clear enough, the app provides with even more options:

  1. I’m looking for Casual Dating/No Commitment
  2. I want to date but nothing serious
  3. I want a relationship
  4. I am putting in some serious effort to find someone
  5. I am serious and I want to find someone to marry

In my opinion, it’s clearly spelled out for you if you want a serious relationship, to date someone or just casually hook up.  If a guy has a profile that says looking for: Friends, Hangout, Looking for Casual Dating/No Commitment, then I’m going to assume he will want to just bang and probably never call… unless he liked the lazy sex and want more…which gosh that’s saying a lot more about him than me. I don’t mean let’s meet for drinks at a bar, I mean text me your address and a picture of your junk, AND PLEASE! don’t bother telling me your name because I honestly won’t remember and for sure won’t care.

Then there are profiles that say: Dating, I want to date but nothing serious. Those profiles tend to be a toss up. Maybe the guy does want to date but just isn’t ready for a relationship. Maybe he does want to go to the movies or a carnival. Chances are he wants to meet for drinks and then have sex but still, it’s a little more classy.

But the WORST is when a dude tries to pretend he is this great guy and says he genuinely wants to find an amazing girl and be in a relationship. Then has the audacity to ask “DTF.” NOWHERE on your profile did it seem like you were looking for just a hookup. Then the first thing out of your mouth is an obvious lie. Imagine if a girl said she’s just looking for a casual hookup and you think, “Wow! Finally someone who gets it!” BOOM, now she’s blowing up your phone everyday wanting to cook you dinner.  That sounds like a complicated situation. No one wants a complicated hookup. It’s just annoying. Screenshot_20170405-031150

12 thoughts on “No One Wants a Complicated F*ckBoy

  1. Some guys don’t have the balls to admit what they’re really looking for. Message him tomorrow and say “Wanna buy me dinner?” … because that’s all I’m really looking for … loser.

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  2. Chrisy at Curly Girl & Her Blog

    This made me giggle but it is so true. I signed up for site and had looking for long term relationship & of course here comes all the f*ck bois. -__- Thank you for this post.

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  3. Ebreezy6904

    People should just state that they are looking for casual sex and that’s it. Like if people would just be honest with them selves about what they want dating wouldn’t be some damn hard. This piece did make me lol tho.


    1. Exactly, although I am a little guilty getting mad at a guy who was clear about wanting casual sex on tinder. It was wrong of me but shit… WHY!!!! Lmfao
      Plenty of Fish is different. You have the option of saying what you want clear as day!


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