Hey there!

Welcome to A Ruky’z Life! If you are wondering, my name is pronounced Rookie, like Rookie of the Year! (Great movie if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.) I am in my late 20’s and after a ridiculous mental breakdown, I finally figured out how to start living for me ^.^

Like my name, most of my experiences are new but after some time, a lot of tears, a few panic attacks and LOADS OF LAUGHTER, I realized… It is never too late to start LIVING!!!

This blog, like most, is therapeutic.

Go on dates with me and enjoy the hilarious encounters I have with guys in my ridiculous dating life under “Memories of Majestic Men (and some Miserable Moments).”

Feel empowered as I somehow manage to turn my life right side up after it was flipped upside down in “Rise of the Phoenix.”

Join the battles with being a First Generation American Bengali in “De-Hyphenated Identity.”

Grab your passport and travel as we experience the vibrant cultures the world has to offer in “WanderLove.”

Read my latest blog on any of the categories you are interested in!

That being said, come on and let’s live A Ruky’z Life TOGETHER!

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