Who’s Ruky?

I am a weird, quirky woman in her late 20’s who recently realized, “It is Never Too Late to Start Living!”

When I turned 26 I had the ultimate mental breakdown. It was very bad. Looking back now, I can laugh.  It was dark times but I find that having that breakdown was what made me start living my life. I didn’t care for the 9-5 law firm job anymore. I didn’t care for doing things that made other people happy. There is a reason why on flights the attendants tell you in case of emergency, put on your oxygen mask first before helping someone else. If you don’t put yourself first, your health first, your happiness first, how do you expect to help someone else?

I started to care about me! So I got my job working as a freelance production coordinator/assistant in Photo/Video production and in TV/Film. Working as a freelancer fits my stellar personality a lot more. I can work like a dog for 3 months straight and then go travel for three months. I love to dance and travel. Meeting new people and making friends, learning about their lives and cultures are my favorite thing to do. I started following my dreams of traveling. I went on my first solo trip to Boston for a weekend getaway during St. Patrick’s Day followed by a month-long solo trip to Thailand. I came back and worked my ass off in the tv/film world for the next 6 months. It was exhausting and exciting all at the same time. Thankfully because I spent so much time working, I spent little time spending. That is how my next solo trip to Europe went from 2 weeks to 2.5 months. It was such a rush!

There is so much life to live in this world! Take it from someone who has had her world turn upside down. I walk around with 74 scars and what I like to call a bionic leg. With all my scars and injuries, I am still waking up in the morning and kicking ass through laughter and tears… If I am being completely honest, it’s a lot about faking it till I make it.

Life has had it’s ups and downs but for the most part, it is AMAZING!!!

My motto is bliss and has helped me a lot:

In Life, I Love and in Love, I Live!!!