No One Wants a Complicated F*ckBoy

Oh the many joys of online dating. When people don’t actually put what they want.

Plenty of Fish has all the options for what you are looking for:

  1. Hangout
  2. Long-Term
  3. Dating
  4. Friends

And if that isn’t clear enough, the app provides with even more options:

  1. I’m looking for Casual Dating/No Commitment
  2. I want to date but nothing serious
  3. I want a relationship
  4. I am putting in some serious effort to find someone
  5. I am serious and I want to find someone to marry

In my opinion, it’s clearly spelled out for you if you want a serious relationship, to date someone or just casually hook up.  If a guy has a profile that says looking for: Friends, Hangout, Looking for Casual Dating/No Commitment, then I’m going to assume he will want to just bang and probably never call… unless he liked the lazy sex and want more…which gosh that’s saying a lot more about him than me. I don’t mean let’s meet for drinks at a bar, I mean text me your address and a picture of your junk, AND PLEASE! don’t bother telling me your name because I honestly won’t remember and for sure won’t care.

Then there are profiles that say: Dating, I want to date but nothing serious. Those profiles tend to be a toss up. Maybe the guy does want to date but just isn’t ready for a relationship. Maybe he does want to go to the movies or a carnival. Chances are he wants to meet for drinks and then have sex but still, it’s a little more classy.

But the WORST is when a dude tries to pretend he is this great guy and says he genuinely wants to find an amazing girl and be in a relationship. Then has the audacity to ask “DTF.” NOWHERE on your profile did it seem like you were looking for just a hookup. Then the first thing out of your mouth is an obvious lie. Imagine if a girl said she’s just looking for a casual hookup and you think, “Wow! Finally someone who gets it!” BOOM, now she’s blowing up your phone everyday wanting to cook you dinner.  That sounds like a complicated situation. No one wants a complicated hookup. It’s just annoying. Screenshot_20170405-031150

10 thoughts on “No One Wants a Complicated F*ckBoy

  1. Some guys don’t have the balls to admit what they’re really looking for. Message him tomorrow and say “Wanna buy me dinner?” … because that’s all I’m really looking for … loser.

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  2. Chrisy at Curly Girl & Her Blog

    This made me giggle but it is so true. I signed up for site and had looking for long term relationship & of course here comes all the f*ck bois. -__- Thank you for this post.

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